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News: Yvonne is currently co-producing the Thriller, “The Child“, an adaptation of the bestselling novel by Sebastian Fitzek. Lead actors are Eric Roberts, Christian Traeumer, and Sunny Mabrey. Yvonne stars alongside Eric Roberts, playing the role of Sophie Stern, his character’s ex-wife. She is signed on to work in two upcoming feature films; Numba One and Three Can Keep a Secret. Just recently she filmed Keep Your Enemies Closer, in which she worked as the female lead along side Peter Greene and Manny Perez, the film will be released in 2011. In the film Lily of the Feast directed by Federico Castelluccio, she appeared in a scene with Paul Sorvino. The film, Forget Me Not in which she starred in, was accepted in various international film festivals. Currently she is in production with the film APT.5K.

Mini Bio
Yvonne Maria Schaefer was born and raised in Frankfurt, Germany. Early on, she began her career as an actress and model. She studied with prestigious acting teachers and coaches and worked in numerous Films, TV Series and stage productions. As a model she worked worldwide. Through her participation in extreme sports, Yvonne was voted "Action Girl" for Maxim Lifestyle Magazine. In 2008 she moved to New York City, where she has been successfully working as an actress and producer.